We Need YOU

Volunteers are a vital part of making our sale run smoothly. We need all the help we can get and our volunteers are not limited to our MOPS mamas or our consignors. We welcome help from all willing and able friends, grandparents, members of the church, community members, and other capable individuals. As a thank you, we gift all volunteers a ticket to our Preview Sale, where they may get in early at either 2:30 pm or 3:30 pm, depending on how many shifts they volunteer.

Our consignors who also volunteer will receive an additional percentage of their sales back as stated in the Consignor Agreement.


Each volunteer shift is 4 hours. In return for working one shift, volunteers are invited to shop at 3:30 pm on Thursday; this is before the consignors and before the general public. Each Volunteer who works at 2 or more shifts, is considered a Super Volunteer and receives a ticket to the Preview Sale allowing entrance at 2:30 pm on Thursday.

Volunteer Preview Sale Information

All volunteers must have a ticket to enter the Preview Sale. Volunteers who are also consignors will be given their Preview Sale tickets during their drop-off shift. Volunteers who are not consigning may pick up their ticket before their shopping time from the Volunteer by the entrance door. Your ticket will have your shopping time on it, this will correspond to how many shifts you have signed up to volunteer at.

In order to keep our Preview Sale an intimate and exclusive event, only the Volunteer and their young child(ren) will be admitted with each ticket. Spouses, friends, mothers, teens, and others will not be admitted unless they have also volunteered the required hours. Thank you for understanding.

What to Expect as a Volunteer

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for your shift. Check in at the Volunteer table. There you will be asked to sign in and you will receive a name tag and some training for your job assignment. As a volunteer you may be asked to help arrange products on the sales floor, sort clothes, be a greeter, etc. We just ask all our volunteers to be flexible and willing to have fun while working hard.
  • You will be on your feet for most of your shift, so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Please leave valuables at home. We do not have a safe place to store them while you work.
  • We suggest you bring a water bottle and snacks so you can take quick breaks during your shift.
  • Children are not allowed to accompany anyone during their shifts. We do bend the rules for new moms. If you are a new mom and can carry your infant in a sling or wrap during your whole shift, you may bring them. There is a limited number of jobs that can be done while wearing a baby. So, please contact our volunteer coordinator at grovemopsvolunteer@gmail.com so she can assign you accordingly.

How to Register as a Volunteer

  1. Register to Volunteer- click here.
  2. Select your Volunteer work-shift.
  3. Review and sign your Volunteer Agreement.
  4. Confirm your work-shift/s and make changes up until the Sunday before the Sale begins.


Job Descriptions

Please look over the jobs below and get familiar with what job you might be asked to do.

Sale Set-Up (Wednesday)

During set-up, we will be assembling racks, shelves, and getting the sale floor positioned for our sale. Men are welcome! This shift is not suitable for those with problems bending or lifting. This shift is not suitable for infant wearing.

Drop-Offs (Wednesday)

During this shift, consignors will bring their items to our sale. After all the items are inspected by our quality control, your job is to sort and organize the items on the sales floor. You may also be asked to assist people with items from their cars.

Quality Control (Wednesday)

This job will consist of inspecting the items that are brought in by the consignors. Your job is to see if items have been tagged properly (attached correctly, the correct color paper, etc.), that clothing is in good condition, and all toys and gear work properly.

Greeter (Thursday, Friday, & Saturday)

Our greeters need to be friendly and outgoing. For this job, the greeter will welcome each shopper, hand out shopping bags, and tag shoppers’ personal items. They will stay by the door and allow people into the sale as determined by the Sale Coordinators.

Sales Floor (Thursday, Friday, & Saturday)

This is an important job! These volunteers keep our sales floor neat and tidy. You will be asked to straighten racks and tables. Make sure items are in their proper spots, and also put back items that were not purchased. You are also there to direct and assist shoppers.

Holding (Thursday, Friday, & Saturday)

There are a lot of great items at the sale and sometimes we get more than we can carry. Holding is where people can drop off their items to be held for an hour and returned to them before they purchase. In this job, you keep track of items on hold. This job is a great job for someone that needs to sit during a shift.

Check-out Sales (Thursday, Friday, & Saturday)

Checkers are responsible for scanning all tags, totaling sales, and receiving payment from shoppers. They will be people that pay attention to detail, but can also work quickly while under pressure.

Check-out Baggers (Thursday, Friday, & Saturday)

Baggers are responsible for bagging all items and working together with the checker to make check-out a breeze. A bagger may also be responsible to check items and receipts at the exit to make sure everything has been paid for.

Sort (Saturday after the sale)

The Sort begins after the sale closes on Saturday at 3:00 pm. We will be sorting all items that go back to consignors (yellow tags) and all items to be donated (white tags). Attention to detail is a must for this job. Each volunteer that works or stays for The Sort can pick 10 designated smaller items from the donate pile and only pay one dollar for each item.

Tear Down (Saturday Night)

While the Sort is happening, we will also need people to help tear down. Men are welcome and appreciated in this job. We need people to break down racks, shelves and help clean up where needed. Each volunteer that works or stays for Tear Down can pick 10 designated smaller items from the donate pile and pay only one dollar for each item.