Sale Preparation


In preparation for our sale there are 10 things Consignors should know:


  1. There is a non-refundable, non-transferable $10.00 registration fee through PayPal due at the time you sign-up.
  2. We have a minimum requirement for consigning at our sale. Consignors must have a minimum of 20 individual inventory items at drop-off. Please bring your best items. See below for items we accept and don’t accept.
  3. All items are priced in fifty cent increments with a minimum price of one dollar. This means you may price items for $1, $1.50, $2, $2.50… etcetera.
  4. We use a color-coded paper system for tagging. Items you wish to donate should have their tags printed on WHITE cardstock. Items you wish to have returned to you, should they go unsold, must be printed on BRIGHT YELLOW cardstock (only items tagged with yellow cardstock will be returned to you).
  5. Consignors who consign and do not volunteer will receive 60% of their sale proceeds. They will be given a ticket to enter the Preview Sale during the consignor entrance time beginning at 5:00 pm.
  6. Consignors who consign and volunteer one shift will receive 65% of their sale proceeds. They will also be given a ticket to enter the Preview Sale during the volunteer entrance time beginning at 3:30 pm.
  7. Consignors who consign and volunteer two or more shifts will receive 70% of their sale proceeds. They will also be given a ticket to enter the Preview Sale during the super volunteer entrance time beginning at 2:30 pm.
  8. Consignors choose whether or not to participate in Discount Day. In your Consignor Portal, you must select whether you wish to allow your items to be sold for 50% off the tagged price on this day, or whether you are firm on the listed price. What you input into the sales system will determine whether we discount your items or not. If you are donating your unsold items at the conclusion of the sale, we highly recommend participating in Discount Day by allowing your items to be sold for less.
  9. Consignors must select a drop-off time to take place the Wednesday prior to the sale. The best times usually get filled up first, so please sign up for a time as soon as you register to consign in order to guarantee a time that works with your schedule.
  10. Consignor/Volunteer Registration this year begins March 12, 2019, at 10:30 am and the sales system will be open for Consignors/Volunteers to work with their inventory and shifts until Sunday, May 12, 2019, at 11:59 pm.

Steps to Consign

1. Register to Consign

FIRST TIME Consignors: Click here to register
RETURNING Consignors: Click here

2. Enter Your item Details in the Sales System

3. Prepare Your Items to Sell

4. Print and Tag Your Items

5. Drop-off Your Items

6. Pick-up Your Unsold Items

Please give yourself plenty of time to enter your items and print your tags. Consignor Registration and item entry will CLOSE AT MIDNIGHT on the Sunday before our sale. After registration closes you will be unable to alter any information in your inventory, although you will be able to continue to print tags for inventory entered up until this point.

Please consider:
All items need to be new or in gently-used condition. When selecting your items to sell please keep in mind the higher the quality the better it sells. We want your quality items, not all your items. Please choose quality over quantity. Thank you.

Items we DO accept:

  • Children’s clothes (sizes infant through youth 14/16), shoes (sizes infant through size 5), and accessories. All clothing should be gently-used, freshly laundered and wrinkle-free. Please check that all elastic bands still maintain their integrity and clothing is free from stains.
  • Maternity clothes, nursing bras, and tops.
  • Children’s equipment- strollers, pack-n-plays, high chairs, booster seats, exersaucers, play mats, swings, bouncers, monitors, etc.
  • Children’s toys, books, wooden puzzles, videos, CD’s and DVD’s (PG-13 or below and family friendly).
  • Children’s accessories- diaper bags, slings and carriers, grocery cart seat covers, feeding items, breastfeeding and pumping supplies, unexpired formula, baby-proofing items, gates, infant bathtubs, nursing pillows, etc.
  • Children’s décor- bedding, picture frames, mobiles, lamps, rugs, laundry hampers etc.
  • Children/nursery furniture- cribs (manufactured after January 2011), bookshelves, toy boxes, toddler beds, rockers/gliders, etc.
  • Outdoor play equipment- ride-on toys, sandboxes, water tables, playhouses, bicycles, bike helmets, etc.

Items we DO NOT accept:

  • Clothing with stains, holes, pilled, missing buttons, broken zippers, over-worn condition, tired-elastic, or unpleasant odors, including cigarette smoke.
  • Breastpumps.
  • Out-of-style clothing. Adult clothing. Please refrain from tagging women’s clothing/shoes as if for girls.
  • Items that have been recalled. Please check the Consumer Product Safety Commission for recalled toys and items.
  • Car Seats – Because of insurance requirements, we do not accept car seats.
  • Cribs made before January 2011. (Note: Cribs must be assembled by you at drop off and have all parts in order for us to sell them. You may or may not include a mattress with your crib at your discretion.)
  • Used mattresses when sold alone. (Tip: you are welcome to include a mattress in your sale of a crib/toddler bed.)
  • Stuffed Animals – Because of lack of space we will not accept stuffed animals.
  • Dirty or faded Items (Tip: use a baby or Lysol® wipe and give your toys and items a cleaning. Wash down your outdoor toys to get off the grime).
  • Toys that are broken or don’t work – All battery-operated toys should have batteries. Toys will be tested for all working parts. (Tip: Your toy will sell better if the buyer knows it works.)
  • Happy Meal® or fast food toys.
  • CDs, videos, or DVDs that are clearly meant for strictly teen/adult audiences, regardless of rating.
  • Books with damaged covers, torn pages or writing in them. A name inside the cover is acceptable.
  • Boxed Games – unless brand new.
  • Boxed puzzles – wooden or toddler puzzles are ok as long as all pieces are included and visible.
  • Items not properly packaged, hung up or tagged.
  • If you have any items you would like us to consider or you are unsure about, please email us at