Item Preparation


On this page you can learn about the following item prep components:


  1. How to Input Inventory

  2. A Sample Tag Visual

  3. What to Consider When Printing Tags

  4. Supplies Needed for Tagging

  5. How to Tag Items

  6. Pricing and Selling Tips

How to Input Inventory

Once you have registered you may log in to the consignor portal and begin entering your inventory. Here are a few guidelines to go by:

  • Sort clothing items by gender and size first. This makes item entry go very quickly.
  • Enter an item description. Please enter the brand name on the top line and the description on the second line. A detailed description will help us find this item if the tag becomes separated from it during the sale.
  • Enter a size.
  • Enter a price. A good price will be to list your item for 30-40% off the retail price. Mark prices in fifty cent increments, starting at one dollar. Check out Pricing Tips to get more help with pricing.
  • Click the discount box if you want your item discounted.
  • Click the donate box if you want your item donated if it does not sell. All items marked for donation will automatically be discounted. Donated items will be donated to Riverside Life Services.
  • If you want your unsold items back, print on BRIGHT YELLOW cardstock and pick up unsold items on the Saturday following the sale, between 6:00 pm-8:00 pm. Items that remain unpicked up following 8 pm will be donated.
  • Every item you wish to sell must have a unique barcode to be sold, duplicate items must be entered separately into the inventory and each must have its own unique tag.

Sample Tag Visual

When Printing Tags

  • Tags should be printed on 60-65lb. cardstock. DO NOT use regular paper. Tags will tear off with lightweight paper and your item will not be sold without the tag.
  • Print tags on WHITE cardstock for items you would like to donate.
  • Print tags on BRIGHT YELLOW cardstock for un-sold items you would like to pick up after the sale.
  • Make sure your barcodes are printed clearly. The scanner will not be able to read the barcode if it is faded or smudged. If your printer is running out of ink, we will not be able to scan your tag, so please ensure you have adequate toner levels when printing.
  • DO NOT make handwritten changes to your tags after they have been printed. Price and discount information is embedded in the barcode. If you need to change the price or indicate a change to whether to sell the item will be 50% off during Discount Day, please edit your tag in the online tagging system and reprint your tags.
  • While other consignment sales use barcoded tags, you must print NEW tags using your Grove MOPS consignment number in order to ensure that you receive credit for your items at our sale.
  • The tags will print 6 tags to a page. Use clear box tape to tape the top of the tags before cutting to reinforce the tag and prevent tearing. Do not tape over the barcode.
  • Every item you wish to sell must have a tag to be sold.

Supplies Needed for Tagging

To tag your items you will in general need:

  • Wire hangers, safety pins (1” or larger please), clear packing tape, Ziploc® bags, zip ties, cellophane, blue painters-tape, white or yellow cardstock, and printer toner.
  • We prefer you use adult size wire hangers, but we do not require it.

How to Tag Items

  • Any item hung on a hanger should have the hanger hook pointed to the left when looking at the front of the item. This will look like the hook is the top of a question mark. Tags should be pinned to the upper right of these items to ensure they are visible when items are hung on racks. See image below for an example.

  • Hang ALL clothing items on hangers. Pants, shorts, skirts should be hung on hangers using large safety pins towards, the middle of the waist, to prevent slipping.
  • Place safety pins at the seams of the items to prevent unnecessary holes when possible.
  • Outfits should be arranged as shown below with the top in front, and the pants, shorts, skirt hung on the back with safety pins. Attach matching socks, bows, etc. with safety pins or zip ties.
  • Hang Nursing Covers and Baby Carriers. Items sell better when hung and the buyer can see the item clearly.
  • Shoes need to be attached securely together. Please use zip ties to attach your shoes and tag together. Infant booties or shoes place in Ziploc® bags with the tag taped to the outside of the bag using clear packing tape. Tape the top of the bag as well to prevent items from being opened.
  • Onesies, socks, newborn hats, tights, bibs, and other small items, place same-size items in Ziploc® bags and attach your consignor tag to the outside using clear packing tape. Be sure to tape Ziploc® bags closed securely using clear packing tape. This will help prevent loss or theft of your items.
  • Hang blankets by folding, draping, and securing over the bottom of a hanger.
  • For large items (strollers, high chairs etc.) tags must be attached using zip ties or clear packing tape. If your large item has small parts, all parts must be in a Ziploc® bag and attached to the main part. Seal the bag with clear box tape to prevent the bag from being opened.
  • For large items with many parts that could get separated, only print one tag. Put that tag on the main part. On all other pieces put a piece of masking tape on them with your consignor number and a number for each item included. (ex. 1 of 4, 2 of 4, 3 of 4 etc.).
  • Secure puzzles and toys with multiple loose pieces with cellophane wrap or Ziploc® bags. Only attach one tag to the outside of the item.
  • Use blue painters tape to secure tags to the back of books. Painters tape is less likely to tear the cover or jacket of a book. Or sell multiple books together packaged in a Ziploc® bag, attaching the tag to the outside with clear packing tape and sealing the bag with packing tape to prevent them from being altered.
  • Every item you wish to sell must have a tag to be sold. Attach your tags in a manner so that they will not easily become detached from your item, to ensure we can sell it.

Pricing and Selling Tips

First and foremost, consider if you would be willing to buy this used item for the price you are asking if you were the buyer? If you would not be willing to pay that much, you’ve priced your item too high. Remember, the better the deal, the more likely you are to sell your items.

Clothing Tips:

Bargain Brands: Circo®, Garanimals®, Xhilaration®

      • Retails: <$10.00
      • Resell at $1-4

Basic Brands: Old Navy®, Osh Kosh®, Carters®

      • Retails: $5-15
      • Resell at $3-6

Better Brands: Gymboree®, Children’s Place®, Gap®

      • Retails: $10-20
      • Resell at $4-10

Boutique Brands: Boutique clothing

      • Retails: $20 plus
      • Resell at 25-35% off

Tips for Everything Else (Toys, Gear, etcetera):

      • 30-40% off retail price.
      • Price all items in dollar increments.
      • If an item came with a manual, but it has been lost, go online and print out a new one. Most toys and gear have manuals online for you to print out. Shoppers will feel more confident buying your item if it has a manual.
      • Take a picture of your item set up before you bag it and attach it to your item. For example, it’s hard to tell what a crib bedding set looks like all folded up. Buyers are more likely to purchase your item if they see it displayed.
      • Clothing sells better as an outfit. Match tops and bottoms together, throw in a matching pair of socks or a matching hair bow. Now, you can charge more than if all items were sold separately.
      • Sell onesies, socks, bibs, hair bows and other small items in groups. They will sell better together than individually.
      • If your item needs batteries, make sure they are included. A buyer will not buy your item if they don’t know if it works.
      • Most new moms get brand new baby clothes as gifts. That means few are buying small sizes at consignment sales. Price your items smaller than size 12 months, VERY COMPETITIVELY! Bundle infant clothes together to sell better. For example, two sleepers hung together for $2 will sell better than one for $2.